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Learn How to Draw

Drawing is the foundation for any kind of realism in art. An accomplished medium in its own right, having drawing skills can also benefit painters looking to accomplish a sense of realism in their work. But there’s something satisfying in pencil drawings on their own; aside from the economy of needing only a few tools to create a masterpiece; pencils and paper are portable mediums and drawing from the imagination can be done anywhere, anytime, even in meetings!

Studies show that doodling has a positive effect on your memory and concentration levels, making you more productive and helping you find creative solutions. By connecting parts of your brain that don’t normally connect, you open up avenues of association and creativity that you normally wouldn’t engage. That makes learning to draw a no-brainer; a sharpened pencil leads to a sharp mind! So that’s why the editor’s pick of the week is a video that will help you tap into that creative space.

Drawing for Beginners

Get a realistic horse drawing with just a pencil

Get a realistic horse drawing with just a pencil

In this drawing video from our friends at Teaching Art, ArtistsNetwork.tv brings you Drawing Problems and Solutions with Trudy Friend. Learn the basics of drawing, from shading to get the full range of darks and light, to expressive line drawing. You’ll learn how to draw trees, grass, houses and other scenes straight from your imagination rather than relying on photo references, and along the way, you’ll create great pencil drawings that can stand on their own.

The best part is learning to use your imagination. Photo references can be helpful tools and great for studying an object you’re not familiar with, but can make some artists feel frustrated by trying to capture exactly what they see. Drawing from the imagination allows you to learn how to draw with strong compositions and adapt what you see in your head in a dynamic way. With Trudy’s fantastic instruction, you’ll get the skills you need to capture your ideas without being locked into drawing exactly what you see, great for doodling during those meetings.

How to Draw TreesAnd with lessons on a variety of subjects, you’ll learn how to draw a house, trees, horses and other animals, and more. You can then apply the drawing techniques you’ve learned to whatever inspires you!


  • Drawing techniques for drawing realistically from the imagination
  • Lessons on how to vary your lines for various effects, including achieving a “lost” line
  • Step-by-step drawing tutorials for capturing nature and animals, landscapes and more
  • Fantastic teaching from a great art instructor (see why Trudy is getting 5-Star reviews, below!)
  • Easy tips and tricks you can immediately use to improve your own drawing skills

Preview Drawing Problems and Solutions with Trudy Friend now to learn how to draw lines of varying widths and shades. You’ll also learn how drawing pencils work with different pressures at different times to achieve thin or thin lines as the tip of the pencil gets worn down. Then, head over to ArtistsNetwork.tv to see the full-length video, access reviews and the materials list and more.

If you can’t get enough of drawing animals, check out this free art tutorial!

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