Try an Exotic Drawing Medium

If you’re feeling creatively adventurous, you should try this unique and mysterious drawing material. An exotic medium from the Dark Ages and the art world’s best-kept secret, Russian sauce—or simply sauce—is manufactured by Yarka and just recently has been imported from Russia to the West.

Made from a type of clay called Chasov Yar and mixed with a gum, sauce is in stick form much like soft pastels but with the feel and texture that you have never experienced before. Touching paper gives you a sensation of warm silk that’s slightly greasy—but then without grease. Although Yarka markets its sauce in stick form, that’s not the best way to use it, unless you have a bold, rough style. Some artists break it up into powder, and put the powder into a pounce bag. (This is the way that I like to use it.)

Drawing the Head in Sauce: A Portrait of Denise is a video by Margaret Carter Baumgartner focusing on the characteristics of sauce. Baumgartner’s video is divided into two demonstrations. The first introduces you to sauce, gives you some historical background, and shows the capabilities and shortcomings of the medium, which you must apply and manipulate quite differently from any other drawing material. The second demonstration shows you how to apply this new medium to portraits. The video type retails for $54.00 at

Butch Krieger is an artist and instructor based in Port Angeles.




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