Drawing for Beginners: How to Draw a Gatehouse

Happy new year! If your new year’s resolution involves learning to draw, start the year strong with the art lessons and drawing tutorials at ArtistsNetwork.tv and NorthLightShop.com. Learning a new skill can be overwhelming at first, especially as you try to figure out where to begin. In this case, we have an easy answer: In this video,, you’ll get great lessons on drawing for beginners as Mark Willenbrink takes you through the techniques you’ll need to create beautiful compositions, like this picturesque gatehouse set in an attractive landscape.

WillenbrinkDrawingIn this step by step drawing video, Mark covers the methods you need to get started, from choosing drawing materials and showing you how to use them, to expert advice on the tricky stuff, like using photo references. You’ll also get drawing lessons on creating shapes, value changes, erasing, blending, and creating texture in the details. You’ll learn all these drawing techniques and more in a full demonstration of a gatehouse surrounded by trees, for a beautiful landscape drawing.

Some of the great features in this drawing video:

  • Step by step lessons on drawing for beginners and intermediate-level artists
  • Composition tips and drawing techniques, such as using photo references, locating the lights and shadows, creating shapes, blending, erasing, and more
  • WillenbrinkDrawing2Easy to follow art instruction from a skilled artist

Preview Drawing for the Absolute Beginner now to learn how to draw a door and locate the sun in your photo reference to understand where the shadows will fall. Then, head over to ArtistsNetwork.tv for the full-length video, the reference image, and more from Mark and our other great art instructors. With all these art lessons at your fingertips, you’ll end 2015 with a fun new skill and maybe even some great gifts for your friends and family.

Want to see more from Mark? Download his free drawing lessons here!

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