How to Draw Hands

Artist and instructor Mark Willenbrink demonstrates how to draw hands in three simple steps. “Hands can add expression to a portrait, giving it emotion and personality,” he says. “Hands can tell us about a person, even more than a face can by itself. Men’s hands may seem bulky compared to women’s hands, which are more slender.”

Willenbrink draws hands one shape at a time. “When drawing hands, I first draw the basic shapes, then I add lines for the thumb and fingers, and finally I refine the form,” he says.

Need help drawing other tricky anatomical features? In the June 2012 issue of Watercolor Artist, Willenbrink shows you step by step how to draw eyes, noses and mouths.




And for more drawing tips and advice, check out his book Drawing Portraits for the Absolute Beginner or follow along with him in his DVD Drawing for the Absolute Beginner.



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