Kate Sammons | Classical Drawings in Charcoal

“Representational art in all its forms has been a lifelong enjoyment,” says Kate Sammons, “particularly work that has an intensely personal and passionate feel to it.” Sammons offers classes through her Los Angeles studio and teaches drawing at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art. Her award-winning work is represented at Gallery 1261 in Denver and the Legacy Gallery in Scottsdale and has been exhibited at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., the Butler Institute of American Art in Ohio and the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in Indiana, as well as many other venues. Learn more at her website: www.katesammons.com.

To read more about Sammons see the June 2011 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. Here is some art that didn’t appear in the article.

American Winter (charcoal, 25x20) by Kate Sammons

American Winter (charcoal, 25×20) by Kate Sammons

Corona (charcoal, 6x71/2) by Kate Sammons

Corona (charcoal, 6×71/2) by Kate Sammons

The Photographer (charcoal, 11x14) by Kate Sammons

The Photographer (charcoal, 11×14) by Kate Sammons

Self Portrait (charcoal, 12x9) by Kate Sammons

Self Portrait (charcoal, 12×9) by Kate Sammons

The Hermit (charcoal, 24x19) by Kate Sammons

The Hermit (charcoal, 24×19) by Kate Sammons

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