Kickstart Your Art

You’ve probably heard about the Camera Lucida, but what about the NeoLucida? Its inventors call it “a portable camera lucida for the 21st century.”

You probably haven’t heard of it, at least not yet, because until recently, it existed mostly just as an idea shared by two artists and professors, Pablo Garcia and Golan Levin. But then these two men decided to try to raise funds to manufacture their tool on Kickstarter, a website that lets you contribute funds to help pay for creative proejcts. Check out the NeoLucida project here.

As you can tell, according to the website, the campaign succeeded, and then some. The project has already raised well more than its goal, and the cameras should become commercially available next year.


The NeoLucida project.

The intent of this post not to debate the merits of tools such as the camera lucida and the validity of the work they can create, although that’s certainly an interesting discussion. (Artist Daily editor Courtney Jordan touched on this topic a couple years ago in this article. A healthy debate followed in the comments section.) Instead, I really just wanted to bring attention to someone (two someones, actually) using a digital platform to crowd-source the funding for manufacturing art-making tools. I find this incredibly cool.

Kickstarter is a fascinating platform. When “correctly” used, it gives the “little guy” a chance to fund a project they’d otherwise have no chance to get running. Taking that opportunity to further art-making seems like something we should be celebrating. Who knows what sort of remarkable items could be created.

This project I’m highlighting isn’t the only art-related project on Kickstarter. It just happens to be one I’ve noticed recently. If you search “art” on the site, you’ll find all sorts of interesting projects. So check it out, and who knows…maybe you’ll even find one worthy of a donation.

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