Oh, The Changes You’ll See! | Student Art From ANU!

By Beth Samek, Online Education Manager at Artist’s Network University

As an artist, it can be amazing to take a look back at past work, seeing just how far we’ve come in our painting & drawing adventures! Many students at Artist’s Network University can look back just a few short weeks and see the progress they’ve made!

Recently, when I asked my instructors to share some of their favorite student pieces I was overwhelmed with the response! Turns out there are lots of talented artists taking courses with us. I was especially struck by the work Sarah Parks sent to me of Sabina Clayton, one of her most recent students. Sarah was excited to share the progress that Sabina had made since starting her class, calling it “remarkable”.

And I have to say that I agree, there’s no doubt that the guidance and lessons from Sarah has made a difference in Sabina’s art. Sabina definitely has a lot to be proud of and we’re proud to have been a part of her creative journey!

Here’s the reference photo that Sarah uses in her Drawing series:


Here’s Sabina’s work, with her first attempt on the left and on the right, her piece submitted in the last week of the course:

Sabina Clayton Image
Pretty great, right?

“I undertook the full three Sections of Sarah’s course which spanned a period of twelve weeks in total.

The first drawing I submitted was drawn before any instruction in the course.  I started with the eyes and was working purely from observation and what I ‘thought’ I saw.  My change in approach resulted from learning to ‘see’ a subject from an artist’s perspective and approach the drawing in a more structured and considered way.” said Sabina.

“This included looking at the subject closely to identify subtle characteristics and view the subject as shapes and values rather than individual elements of a face. I also learned to block in shapes, use values correctly to depict realistic forms, the correct proportions of a human face and how to adapt specific features within those proportions.  Along with this I adopted other techniques Sarah taught in her course including contrast of shapes and values, lost and found edges, judging relative proportions, looking at the subject more often than the drawing and various techniques for shading and holding the pencil.

Along with this I have a love of drawing humans and animals and endeavor to portray their strength as well as their inherent vulnerability and sensitivity.

Sarah’s classes were an ideal vehicle for me to develop these skills and the combination of video, written notes and illustrations as well as examples of other student’s work were an ideal combination to cover all learning methods.  Sarah was also a dedicated instructor and provided considered and valuable support and feedback.” she said.

It’s really exciting to see all different types of students bring new technique and skill to their chosen medium after just a few short weeks!

Sarah’s courses start on the first Friday of each month, with the August session starting on the 2nd! Learn more about Sarah’s courses here!

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