Hispanic Sketch Artist Santiago Perez Shows off his Surrealist Magic

I have to admit, one of my favorite spreads in Sketchbook Confidential 2 comes from Surrealist artist Santiago Perez. There’s something about his lines and use of color that I find really appealing.

It’s not just about color, though; it’s that indefinable magic he captures on the page — any page, as you can see from his sketch done on lined notebook paper. This sketch is exclusive to you, Jen’s Picks readers; it’s not in Sketchbook Confidential 2. While most of his paintings are done in oils and acrylics; there’s an expressive freedom found in his sketch art that really captures his sense of imagination, and isn’t that what sketchbooks are for?

New Art from Santiago Perez

“Sketching is an unfinished work most of the time, although I may go all out and create a finished drawing. What it may provide is a non-judgmental activity.”

-Santiago Perez



This, to me, captures the essence of an artist: that any kind of paper, anywhere, becomes host for a beautiful piece. Don’t get me wrong, I love good-quality paper and some great pencils or watercolors, but it’s not the tools that make the art, but the practice of drawing and sketching and painting (and sculpting and collaging and mixed media…).

For more from Santiago Perez and 37 other artists of diverse themes and styles, pick up a copy of Sketchbook Confidential 2, and if you haven’t seen it, check out the original Sketchbook Confidential!


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