Sketchbook Confidential

Sketchbook Confidential
Edited by Pam Wissman and Stefanie Laufersweiler
Take a sneak peek into the world of over 40 master artists as they open their private sketchbooks for you in Sketchbook Confidential. At times risky, sometimes rough and always rewarding, many of the sketches you’ll see here were never intended for public view, but rather provided a place to develop ideas, study subjects, test new techniques, work through challenges, or just play. Designed to inspire and share the inner workings of some of art’s most creative minds, Sketchbook Confidential presents the personal pages of an impressive variety of exceptional artists, including Albert Handell, William Hook, Robert Barrett, Jennifer McChristian and more!

The artists also share in their own words the intentions and inspiration, expectations and motivation behind their sketching. As you turn the pages of Sketchbook Confidential you’ll be immersed into the minds of these individuals, arriving on the other side with a feeling of kinship and a renewed desire to fearlessly capture what you experience or dream up in your own sketchbooks!

“When I am sketching for a finished piece, I think about what I want to say with the painting, what dimensions might work, how the light will travel and what compositional design will work best. I get involved in the subject deeply by concentrating on angles, lines, and shapes. When I am sketching for fun, I let my mind wander. It is quite therapeutic.”

Untitled, by Bev Lee
Pencil on paper



“A sketch or a painting is always changing and will continue to change as the model will, and as I will.”

, by Linda Leslie
Oil on Canvas (finished painting)
34″ × 15″ (86 × 38cm)

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