Strokes of Genius 5 Winners Announced

Congratulations to the 92 artists chosen for North Light Books’ latest competition Strokes of Genius 5: Design and Composition! If you see your name below, please check your email accounts (and junk boxes) for instructions on next steps. You will receive an email from us with the subject line “Strokes 5 Winner Notification” no later than Friday, July 27th.

A heartfelt thank you from Rachel Wolf and everyone at North Light to those of you who shared your beautiful art with us in this year’s contest.


Sarah Laichas
Strokes of Genius 5 Editorial Coordinator


Adair, Sue deLearie (Bushtit with Spider Web)
Adams-Jones, Liz (Self-Portrait: Homely Girl)

Baird, Cecile (Garlic in a New Light; When Morning Breaks)
Bedrosian, Holly (A Second Cup)
Blencowe, Jan (Snow on Chittenden Hill)
Blokhin, Nikolai (Clown; Old Woman)
Brown, Ray (An Unkindness)

Camhy, Sherry (Aunt Helen’s Doll)
Cason Rankin, Debbie (Life Coming Apart; 1949 Okeechobee)
Chadwick, Rexanne (Self Image)
Chandler, Sage (Brooke Looking for Grasshoppers)
Chen, Olivia (Pure. Demure. Ardent.)
Cheshire, Benjamin (Red Wolf)
Chinnasamy, Partha (Anil)
Corlett, Colleen (The Lotus Eater)
Cornelius, Ray-Mel (Abe’s Cantina)

Dillon, Edward (Dico Ut Adventum)
Dillon, Joseph (The Invisible Man)
Downey, Lane (Baseball Dreams)
Dunn, T.P. (Carnival)

Edison, Susan (Portrait in Brush Stroke)

Franquelin, Marcel (Albert Einstein)

Gant, Tanja (Nevena In Red; Fluctuat Nec Mergitur)
Georgopoulou, Irene (Still Life with Eggs; Colors of the Shore)
Givot, Stuart (Point Lobos)
Gleim, Lisa (Otis)
Guerin, Hans (Red Shouldered Hawk)
Gylling, Gemma (Here’s Lookin At Ya)

Hacker, Amy (Outward Stoicism)
Hadley, Sandra J. (Are We Having Fun Yet?)
Hamilton, Racquel (Female Nude In Fire Colors)
Hash, Brenda (Ford)
Hillberry, JD (Fooled)
Hughes, Wallace (Santiago de Comostela)
Hunter, Joan (A Dancer)

Johanneson, Steven Thor (Blustery Afternoon at Shore Acres State Park Looking Towards Simpson Reef, Oregon Coast)

Johnson, Mary Jo (The Baron; Distant Memories; The Machinist)

Kearney-Williams, Emily (Hideaway)
Khan, Fahmi (Wisdom Overload; Free Spirit)

Lang, Alicia (Royal Heartbreak)
Langenhop, CJ (I Can’t Lego)
Leifheit, Diane (An Incidence of Bridges)
Li, Sarah Katie (Portrait of Quintus)
Lidden, Catherine (Camouflage; An African Tail)
Loli, George (Piazza S. Gimingiano)
Luckett, Jr., Andrew (Black Dress; Artist Block)

Madeira, Gayle (Dan Eberle)
Maltby, Carol E. (The Seamstress; Lauren Playing; Guitar Player)
Matheny, Stanley (Cooling Off)
McGuire, Michael (Composition Sketches for Heron Cove; Composition Sketches for Great Blue on the Natchez Trace; Composition Rough for Cloudscape)
Michalowski, Ted (Doug’s Myth; Smeltzer Ensemble)
Miller, Terry (Intimate Circles)
Mitchell, Laura (Changeling)
Moore, Kevin (Chronologic)
Moseley, Elayne (El Rey Inn; Spreckles Organ Pavilion)
Motomatsu, Nao (Reflection)
Mueller, Ned (Richard)

Newman, Trevor (Simon; The Wood Cutter)
Nielsen, Olga (Defiance, Debut)
Norelius, Kristian (Kearny St. at Dunnes; Beale Street)

Oliveros, Edmond (Chicago Tribune Tower)

Page, Christopher (No George)
Pals, Mary Ann (Resting)
Pascoe, Cathy (Reflections and Refractions)
Perkins, Bill (2 to go; A Windy Cup; Zorro 20)
Pickard, Paul (West of Ashtabula)
Porges, Susan Cone (Afternoon with Janice)
Postal, Gail (Carmen)
Pratt, Janene (Pastry Class)
Price, Susan (Tulip Time by the Windmill Revisited)
Pyle, Dan (Saving Time)

Radman, Valentino (Karla)
Richter, Jeffrey (Her Hiveness)
Robinson, Edward (African Bull Elephant)
Roch, Jacqueline (Undercover)
Rogers, Barbara (Garrapata Spring)
Ruchong, Shirley Nan (Delicate Balance)
Rudisill, Gary (Aillidh – The Rock Of Cashel)
Ruixiang William, Tan (One Day She’ll Know)

Schuerr, Aaron (Absaroka Aspen Grove)
Schumacher, Lynda (Dust and Thunder; Wyoming Grey)
Schwarz, Kurt (Contemplation)
Simic, Damir (Reborn; Daphne)
Smith, Gerald (Snow Laden; Acadian Cliff)
Smith, Brian (Portrait of Denise (30 Minute Study)
Swaim, Matt (Antique Singer; Adora)

Tilton, Jac (Cosmic Inconsequence)

Venkatachari, Ranjini (Usual Suspects; Mutual Admiration)

Wiggill, Karyn (Pied Kingfisher)
Winter TeBrugge, Dustin (Courage … My Warrior)
Wood, Zachary (Bygone)

Zampardi, Frank (Need A Wrench?; Alicia At The Window)
Zamperla, Debra (Blindsight; On the Road Again)

Strokes of Genius 4: Exploring Line is now available for pre-order! Cover image by Carey Alvez: Tati with Attitude, acrylic wash on paper with carbon pencil + chalk, 18″ × 16″ (46cm × 41cm).

Strokes of Genius 4: Exploring Lines

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To enjoy more of the best of contemporary drawing, look for Strokes 3: Fresh Perspectives and Strokes 2: Light & Shadow at

You can also view inspiring art and advice from previous Strokes of Genius winners at the all-new Strokes Winner’s Circle!

Strokes of Genius: The Best in Drawing Competition  Strokes of Genius: The Best in Drawing Competition


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2 thoughts on “Strokes of Genius 5 Winners Announced

  1. HERB

    Talk about chauvinism, narrow-mindedness, discrimination, intolerance, injustice, unfairness, partisanship. It is never so clearly and fearlessly demonstrated as in the contests wielded by Pastel Journal and Watercolor Artist, etc. Fifty seven female “winners” to 37 male (with some unknowables sprinkled in)–and the winner is SARAH. Of course. I recall the year you gave the First Place Winners award to an undeserving woman, and grudgingly a “Best in Show” to a man who should have been both winner AND best in show. Change your name: Women’s Pastel Journal, then you will be telling the truth.