Strokes of Genius 4 Winners Announced

Congratulations to the 112 artists chosen for this year’s Strokes of Genius: Best of Drawing competition! The North Light judges and series editor Rachel Wolf selected the winning images from a record number of more than 1650 entries.

Winners packets will be emailed this year, so if you see your name below, please check your email accounts (and junk boxes) for instructions on next steps. You will receive an email from us with the subject line “Strokes 4 Winner Notification” no later than Friday, August 6th.

Thank you all for your participation in this year’s contest. We received so many gorgeous drawings representing the theme of Exploring Line, we truly had our work cut out for us.

Strokes 4 Winners:

Alden, Selma
Alvez, Carey
Aparicio, Luis E.
Bagby, Anne
Bailey, Travis Michael
Beaule Ruggles, Joanne
Bedrosian, Holly
Behr, Brenda
Bellamy, Saundra
Betts, Judi
Brommer, Gerald
Brunelle, Paul
Burt, Dan
Carducci, Judith B.
Chadwell, Connie
Cilmi, Monika
Cole, Bets
Colie Wight, Lea
Cornelius, Ray-Mel
Cuevas, Jeannette
deLearie Adair, Sue
Dunphy, Kathleen
Dutra, Randal M.
Elting, Buff
Erenberg, Ellen
Fa-Hardi, Ljubica
Falchetti, Shawn
Fannin, Shauna
Ferguson, Jane W.
Gali, Cano
Galler, Star
Gant, Tanja
Georgopoulou, Irene
Givot, Stuart
Gjertson, Stephen
Gluck, David
Goettsch, Jerome
Gordienko, Arina
Graning, Ken
Gylling, Gemma
Haverty, Grace
Haworth, Heather
Hiatt, Teri
Hirn, Emily
Hirst, Emma
Hughes, Wallace
Hunter, Joan
Hutch, Kristina
Jang, Yunsung
Jilek, Julie L.
Jo Loss, Bonnie
Johnson, Frankie
Jonker, Jana
Jos Biviano, Charles
Kaman, Tricia
Kampe, Laurie
Kearney-Williams, Emily
Kechnie, Joe Mac
Knox, Cynthia
Lai, Mitzi
Larlham, Margaret
Lewis, Bobby
Long, Nick
Lucas Hardy, Linda
Martin, Dina
McChristian, Jennifer
McClelland, Chris
McCormick Santiago, Nicole
McGuire, Michael Allen
Melia, Paul G.
Michalowski, Ted
Miller, Terry
Moore, Kevin A.
Murray, Paul
Nelson, Bruce
Nicholls, Mike
Nichols, David
Olivier, Diane
Patterson, Elizabeth A.
Polins, Jason
Rayyan, Sheila
Reilly, Seana
Richardson, D.K.
Rocha, Gilbert
Roseland, Michelle
Rudegeair, Jean
Rush, Chris
Sachin, Naik
Shafranski, Paul
Sheppard, Joseph
Siniscal, Holly
Smith, Che
Smolko, John P.
Steinberg, Arlene
Strayer, Janet
Swinton, Doug
Tan, Zimou
Tilton, Jac
Trope, Linda
Venkatachari, Ranjini
Versteeg, Diane
Wacknov, Myrna
Walker, Ann Kraft
Walsh, Randena
Warren, Soon Y.
Willard, Sandra
Wilson, Rob J.
Wilson, Ronald
Wootten, Geary
Wueste, Kevin M.
Zelazny Rivkin, Wendy
Zuehlsdorff, Douglas

Strokes of Genius 3 is now available for pre-order! Cover image by Michael Dumas: White Garden, graphite on Arches watercolor paper, 30¼” × 22½” (77cm × 57cm).


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