Where’s Artist’s Sketchbook?

We’ve been posting many obits lately, and it seems to me things might be getting a bit morbid. So, one last (belated) obit—for a time. 

Artist’s Sketchbook magazine was full of creativity and had a zest for life, yet met with its untimely demise in June 2006. Sketchbook was the beloved step-child of The Artist’s Magazine and she leaves behind several editors (and art directors) who worked on her pages and who still inhabit these halls.

We do miss her and want to get the word out that she is no more–no, you cannot subscribe. However, you can order old issues by doing a “quick search” here, on our back issues page.

R.I.P. Artist’s Sketchbook


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3 thoughts on “Where’s Artist’s Sketchbook?

  1. Katherine Tyrrell

    I’m a huge advocate of plein air sketching (and sketching in interiors) as a way of developing one’s observational, composition and drawing skills. To my mind, there is absolutely no question that regular sketching enhances the quality of the artwork produced as an end result.

    One of the current and important trends in art museums, galleries and exhibitions here in the UK is to show more and more of an artist’s preparatory and working processes – including their sketchbooks!

    By way of contrast, it’s very apparent to me that quite a few would-be artists don’t appreciate the importance and benefits of keeping a sketchbook as a way of assembling material for more finished pieces as well as a way of maintaining practical skills. It’s certainly the case that some forms of tuition don’t place any emphasis on this at all.

    While I can well appreciate that economics might not have favoured the continued publication of "Sketchbook", it would be really great if maybe the Artist’s Magazine could find a way of improving the profile of the sketchbook. Maybe a regular piece from different artists talking about their own use of sketchbooks?

    I’ve just started to collect YouTube videos of good examples of travel sketchbooks – mainly as an incentive to get my own videoed! Although there aren’t many around at the moment I’m guessing that this will happen more often in the future. Again it would be good to see these being highlighted by the Artist’s Magazine from time to time.

  2. Titilola Aladesaiye

    Oh my god! That really sucks! I liked the magazine. It was a bit steep in price though, but I normally could come up with the $8.99 it costs. I better get the last issues I saw at borders. I’m mourning your loss.