Anne Bagby and Raphaella Spence

To read about Anne Bagby, Raphaella Spence and “Awash with Gouache,” see the January/February 2007 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. Here are some pieces that didn’t appear in the issue.

Anne Bagby
Witch Doctor (mixed media collage, 7×5).

Winter Walk (mixed media collage, 7×5).

Merlin (mixed media collage, 7×5).

Difficult Balance (mixed media collage, 7×5).

Grey Knight (mixed media collage, 7×5).


Raphaella Spence
Different World (oil, 29×49).

Bridge of Colours (oil, 59×31).

The Guard (oil, 19×27).

The Judge (oil, 27×19).

The Poet (oil, 27×19).


“Awash with Gouache”
Mauve Stripes #2 (gouache, 10×12) by Constance Moore Simon.

Santa Fe Ribbon (gouache, 9×13) by Constance Moore Simon.

Red Rabbit Makes Repairs (gouache, 12×9) by Pahl Hluchan.

Lizard Watches Sleeping Rabbit (gouache, 9×12) by Pahl Hluchan.

Blue Room (gouache, 12×9) by Catherine Drabkin.

Warehouses and Far Bridge (gouache, 9×12) by Catherine Drabkin.


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