Create Your Own Set of Card Set Art Journal

Check out this review and giveaway of Margaret Peot’s Alternative Art Journals by Quinn McDonald, a writer and certified creativity coach. Here’s what she had to say about it:

“The variety is big and interesting. The suggestions for alternatives are challenging so the book is suitable for beginners and advanced artists as well as those who like to flip through a book for ideas and head off on their own.”

Here’s one of the techniques for mixed media journaling that Peot explores in Chapter Three:

Card Set Art Journals

You want to make art, but the days and weeks slip by, and other, “more important” things always seem to take precedence over your artistic journey. What if all you had to be responsible for this week, artistically, was to draw, write or decorate the front and back of one small piece of paper? Could you do it? This chapter will help you record a year of your life. Every week, your task is to create one card—just one card! The small size of one card ensures that you can take it everywhere, and the world can become your art studio. Doodle and write on your card. Collage, stitch, perforate, even drive over it—anything to make a memorable mark. In a year’s time, you will have a complete deck of fifty-two cards.

Tie Together in Various Ways
Your cards can be unified in any number of ways: by theme, by palette,
by repeated imagery. In the card set In the Garden, carved rubber stamps
of bees, bugs and flowers were used in different combinations. A large
flower stamp is usually on the back, and the bugs and bees are usually on
the verso, but I did not adhere to any strict rules.

Pick up a copy of Alternative Art Journals for more mixed media techniques, tips and ideas for journaling creatively.

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