Mixed Media Art by Devorah Sperber

Devorah Sperber is an artist, although she doesn’t use oil, pastel, watercolor or any other traditional medium. Rather, she carefully organizes hundreds of spools of thread in such a way that, when viewed through a special optical device, her pieces become replicas of well-known masterpieces.

After Grant Wood (American Gothic) 3 by Devorah Sperber mixed media artwork

'After Grant Wood (American Gothic) 3' (2010; 4,392 spools of thread, stainless steel ball chain and hanging apparatus, clear acrylic viewing sphere, metal stand, 107x90) by Devorah Sperber

“As a visual artist, I can’t think of a topic more stimulating and yet so basic than the act of seeing—how the human eye and brain make sense of the visual world,” says Sperber. “Artists have always been influenced by the science and technologies of their eras; I, too, am inspired by these links between art, science and technology through the ages.”

The Eye of the Artist: The Work of Devorah Sperber Brooklyn Museum mixed media art exhibition

Installation view at the Brooklyn Museum of “The Eye of the Artist: The Work of Devorah Sperber” 2007 exhibition.

Sperber develops her works using digital technology, mass-produced objects, optical devices and scientific information about how the brain processes visual data.

“I’m also inspired by the notion of subjective reality versus an absolute truth,” she says. “Most of my works offer two distinct versions of reality in a way that illustrates the limitations of visual perception.” —Cherie Haas

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