Art-Smarts Quiz No. 5

France plays a huge role in art history, so it makes sense that many art terms come from the French. Try these 12 questions to see how fluent you are in francais. Each is worth one point. The bonus question is worth three points, so a perfect score is 15.

  1. We’ll begin with an easy one: What is papier-mache?

  2. Conte is what?

  3. Bas-relief is what kind of relief?

  4. Cerise is a purplish red color and refers to what fruit?

  5. It’s aquarelle to the French, but what to us?

  6. Section d’or is an art term referring to ideal proportion. What do we call it in English?

  7. Objets trouves have long appealed to Robert Rauschenberg. What are they?

  8. Croquis is a word often used in the fashion industry. What is it?

  9. An artist’s oeuvre is his what?

  10. The painting style known as cloisonnism comes from the French word cloison, which means what?

  11. Metier describes an artist’s what?

  12. Trompe l’oeil is a common term, but what exactly does it mean?


BONUS: Printmakers will know what retirage means. Do you?

For answers, click here.

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