Five Fabulous Gifts for Artists | Oil Painter’s Edition

Have an artist on your holiday wish list? Find out what to give the oil painter in your life with our “Five Fabulous Gifts for Artists | Oil Painter’s Edition.” And stay tuned for more hot lists from the editors of Coming soon: acrylics!

Not shopping for someone else? Don’t feel guilty…stock up on these North Light Shop goodies while they last and invest in your talent.

Encyclopedia of Oil Painting Techniques, holiday gift

The Encyclopedia of Oil Painting Techniques

Oil paint is such a responsive and versatile medium that no two painters need use it in exactly the same way, and since its invention in Renaissance times it has never lost its popularity with artists. Amateurs also find it appealing, not only because it is enjoyable to use but also because mistakes can be easily rectified, yet in many cases mistakes would not occur if the individual had a sound knowledge of technique.

In the A-Z section of this book, Jeremy Galton explains how to build up a painting, how and when to work “wet into wet”, and more.


Holbein oil paint for artists, holiday gift

Holbein Artists’ Oil Color, Set of 12

You can’t go wrong with art supplies: Made with cold pressed Linseed Oil, Holbein Artists’ Oil Colors achieve a consistent viscosity across the entire palette, offering excellent lightfastness and permanence.


Subscribe to The Artists Magazine, gifts for artists

Subscription to The Artist’s Magazine

Help the artist in your life stay up-to-date with the artistic community, learn exciting new oil painting tips and see work from fellow artists. Print and/or digital subscriptions are now available!


Traditional Oil Painting Advanced Techniques, holiday gift

Traditional Oil Painting: Advanced Techniques and Concepts from the Renaissance to the Present

Author and distinguished artist Virgil Elliott examines the many elements that let artists take the next step in their work: mental attitude, aesthetic considerations, the importance of drawing, principles of visual reality, materials, techniques, portraiture, photographic images versus visual reality, and color. Traditional Oil Painting helps artists master the secrets of realistic painting to create work that will rival that of the masters.


How to Paint Skin Tones in Oil, holiday gift for an artist

How to Paint Skin Tones in Oil

This easy-to-follow instructional oil painting DVD includes a guide to creating the right colors & tones on your palette for portraits of blonds, red-heads and brunettes, as well as light, olive and dark skinned subjects. (Bonus – click on the image for a free preview of the video workshop!)

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