Igor & Marina: Shifts in Figure and Ground

Igor Kozlovsky and Marina Sharapova (Igor & Marina, as they wish to be known) are represented by Campton Gallery in New York City, where they’ll show “All the World’s a Stage” in May 2010, Caldwell Snyder Gallery in San Francisco and Thomas Masters Gallery in Chicago, where they’ll have a show in October 2009. To see more of their work, visit their site at www.igor-marina.com.

To read more about Igor & Marina, see the September 2009 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. Here is some art that didn’t appear in the issue.

Behind the Looking Glass (oil, 48×66)

The Walkers X (oil, 63×60)

Les Oiseaux S’envolent dans le Pays Chaud (oil, 64×48)

Twelve Apples (oil, 54×72)

The Masquerade Is Over (oil, 70×58)

Hide-and-Seek (oil, 32×52)

Nesting Season (oil, 54×40)


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