Landscape Painting Techniques in Water-Miscible Oils

Learn Landscape Painting Techniques in Oil

If you want to try your hand at working in oils, why not try water-mixable oils? Use them to try out landscape painting techniques in Water-Mixable Oils with Michael Sanders. Landscape Painting in Oils

Michael starts this video with color wheel exercises to practice brushwork and how to mix and manipulate your water-soluble oils. Applying primary, secondary and tertiary colors along with tints and tones of each will give you a better understanding of the colors and their characteristics. He completes a still life demonstration to practice using complementary colors, then takes you outdoors as he uses classic oil painting techniques to paint two separate landscapes from life. Michael wraps up the instruction back in the warmth of the studio, completing a village scene from start to finish with a focus on negative painting. You’ll love his loose oil painting style.

Michael Sanders provides straightforward, clear instruction on using your water-mixable oils and practical advice on working with color schemes and landscape painting techniques.

Preview Water-Mixable Oils with Michael Sanders now to learn how to use negative painting techniques to create the sky and darker areas of the painting. Then, head over to for the full-length video, materials lists, and more. Or, download Water-Mixable Oils from!

If you’re interested in even more landscape painting techniques and great art instruction, check out these free art lessons, from!

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