Lani Irwin: From Still Life to Figure

“Global fears and insecurities have increased to a level at times insupportable. My only refuge has been the studio,” wrote Lani Irwin in a journal entry. “Over the years, I’ve realized that art is an extremely important element for mankind, and the creation of beauty is something that can inspire both myself and others.” Born in Annapolis, Maryland, Irwin has lived since 1987 in Assisi, Italy. She has had one-woman shows at the Katharina Rich Perlow Gallery in New York City, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art in Boulder, Colorado, and Gallery K in Washington, D.C. She has taken part in group shows in Milan, Verona, London, Washington, D.C., and New York City. Visit her site at

To read more about Irwin see the June 2009 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. Here is some art that didn’t appear in the article.

Carnival III or Borrowed Space (oil on linen, 29½x23½)

Hide and Seek (oil on linen, 14×12½)

The Red Shoes or Newton’s Folly (oil on linen, 28×39¼)

Rose Dance (paper collage, 12×6)

Castor and Pollux or the Red Tear (oil on linen, 43¼x35½)

Intolerable Absence or Wild Oscar’s Mistresses (oil on linen, 19½x27½)

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