Marvin Mattelson | Oil Portrait and Figure Paintings

In 1969 Marvin Mattelson received a bachelor of fine arts degree with a major in illustration from the Philadelphia College of Art. By 1972, with an established professional reputation, he was hired by the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where he has continued to teach part time to this day. His illustration client list includes DreamWorks, IBM, MTV, Newsweek, National Geographic, the United States Postal Service and Angel Records. As Mattelson moved from illustration work to commissioned portraits, he built a client list that includes chief executive officers from MetLife, NYNEX and ITT, as well as composer Philip Glass and Edward Cardinal Egan, archbishop of New York. Mattelson also teaches workshops around the country. Visit his website at

To read more about Mattelson see the April 2012 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. Here is some art that didn’t appear in the issue.

Bonus article: How to Paint a Portrait With Oil by Marvin Mattelson

Pia (oil, 32x30) by Marvin Mattelson

Pia (oil, 32×30) by Marvin Mattelson

Dan (oil 20x16) by Marvin Mattelson

Dan (oil 20×16) by Marvin Mattelson

Samantha (oil, 18x14) by Marvin Mattelson

Samantha (oil, 18×14) by Marvin Mattelson

Lin Rogers (oil, 44x32) by Marvin Mattelson

Lin Rogers (oil, 44×32) by Marvin Mattelson

Catherine demo (oil, 18x14) by Marvin Mattelson

Catherine demo (oil, 18×14) by Marvin Mattelson

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2 thoughts on “Marvin Mattelson | Oil Portrait and Figure Paintings

  1. AllHailLoki

    I love the one titled Lin Rogers. While one may look at the central figure my eye is drawn to the man in the painting. He looks overjoyed to be standing on a cliff with gun in hand. Portrait and figure art is what really sparks my interest. I love art, but find I have no talent myself though I try my hardest. Sculpture is my favorite and recommend Janway Studio for any portrait sculptures for any profession. I will keep laboring over my art as it is a labor of love. Again love the man in the painting in Lin Rogers, his happiness is almost infectious!

    1. Cherie Haas, Associate Editor

      Indeed, and thank you for bringing the background figure to everyone’s attention – it’s a nice touch.
      Happy sculpting!