Max Ginsburg, Leslie Lillien Levy and Nick Long

To read about Max Ginsberg, Leslie Lillien Levy and Nick Long, see the July 2006 issue of The Artist?s Magazine. Here are some pieces that didn?t appear in the issue.

Max Ginsberg

Tire Swing (2002; oil, 36×36).

Man in Dreadlocks (1998; oil, 17×12).

Flags for Sale (2002; oil, 39×42).

Three Card Monte (1978; oil, 30×46).

Nannies and Kids (2003; oil, 40×32).

Leslie Lillien Levy

Red Gerber Daisies (pastel, 23×16?).

Grandma’s Tea Set (pastel, 14×18).

Red Amaryllis (pastel, 23?x17?).

Purple Tulips and Green Ribbon (pastel, 19?x19).

A Moment’s Notice (pastel, 24×18).

Nick Long

Noon at Madison (acrylic, 22?x30).

Morning Light (graphite, 29×18).

Four O’Clock (acrylic, 22?x30).

Three (graphite, 30×22?).

La Hacienda Chairs (acrylic, 30×22?).

Edited by Lisa Wurster, associate editor of The Artist’s Magazine.
Artists of the Month are chosen from Annual Competition entrants.

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