Oil Painting for Beginners: Landscape Elements

Oil Painting for BeginnersOil Painting for Beginners

While I know that there are as many forms of art as there are artists, whenever I hear the word ART, the first thing I think of is oil painting, probably because I associate it with the masters. Oil painting brings to mind art museums and palettes filled with paint.

Pretty daunting, right? But even the masters started somewhere, and oil might possibly be the best medium to start with because oils don’t dry quickly, they’re easily workable, and they produce beautiful results, especially if you’re trying your hand at landscape painting.

How to Paint CloudsWith that in mind, taking some time to learn the basics — materials, brushstrokes, and color mixing — will provide the foundation you need to paint all kinds of landscape paintings. Oil painting, for beginners, doesn’t have to be too involved before you see great results, and no one provides the painting tips and tricks you’ll want to know like Alwyn Crawshaw! In Oils for the Beginner, part 1, he’ll take you through all those steps, plus several demonstrations, where you’ll learn how to paint trees, clouds, figures within your landscapes, and all the elements of landscape painting that will reward your efforts with a great payoff: beautiful landscape art.

Preview Oil for the Beginner with Alwyn Crawshaw now to learn how to paint clouds without going overboard on color. You’ll get great painting tips for creating stunning skies at sunset. Then, head over to ArtistsNetwork.tv for access to the full-length video, materials lists, and more!

For more lessons on landscape painting for beginners, check out our free downloads on ArtistsNetwork.com!

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