Paint Realistic Still Lifes with Accurate Proportions

Classical Painting: The Realist Sight Size Method with Judith Kudlow
KudlowClassicalStill2If you love the classical painting styles of still lifes that grace the walls of so many museums and stately homes, you’ll adore the lessons taught here by Judith Kudlow. Learn how to get accurate sizes and proportions with this video on painting what you see realistically.

Join artist Judith Kudlow in her Spanish Harlem atelier for lessons on how to paint realistic still lifes using the sight-size method. You’ll learn how to set up the subject of your painting and make one-to-one size measurements based on what your eyes actually see, and translate that easily to the page. You’ll learn to stand back from your painting to assess it, then Judith will walk you through creating the sketch and color study. Finally, Judith will demonstrate how to work on the painting itself, using each pass through the painting to create an accurate, realistic still life of green apples and a pitcher against a purple background.

KudlowClassicalMainPreview Classical Painting: The Realist Sight Size Method now for an introduction to realism and the sight-size method working from a still-life set up. You’ll also learn how to use a plumb line to mark heights and widths of objects in your sketch. Then, you’ll learn how to mix all your colors during the color study step, so that you have the choices made by the time you get to the painting. Finally, you’ll learn how to give form to the objects in your painting to achieve a natural, realistic look.

What’s In It For You?
Getting accurate proportions and form on an object is a challenge for even experienced painters, so getting realistic still lifes can be frustrating without the right tools in your arsenal. However, Judith teaches you these tools so you can tackle those challenges with confidence. Still lifes are enduring in their popularity with both painters and audience alike for a reason (several, actually, each as individual as the person painting them), but especially for painters, they are a great way of honing your skills, allow you freedom and creativity in the set up, especially when you can pick objects that have meaning to you, and can convey a variety of moods to your audience.

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