Pastel Techniques & Oil Painting Tips from Stephanie Birdsall

Stephanie Birdsall brings you pastel tips and oil painting techniques for beginners in her 3 art instruction videos so you can have beautiful results as you learn how to paint flowers and tips for landscape painting.

Stephanie BirdsallTrained in art formally in England, and then under the tutelage of Richard Schmid and the Putney Painters, among others, artist Stephanie Birdsall brings her oil painting techniques and tips for pastel painting to you in her three videos from, How to Paint Flowers in Oil, Underpainting Techniques for Successful Pastels, and Pastel Techniques for Plein Air Painting.

Whether in pastel or oil, her expressive landscapes and still lifes tell a story, with each element of the composition playing a role that contributes to beautiful results. You can find these videos here at, or visit to stream them on your computer or iPad.

  • Learn how to paint en plein air
  • Lessons on choosing & lighting your subject, composition, underpainting and other pastel and oil painting techniques
  • Learn how to paint flowers

Preview How to Paint Flowers in Oil here now for oil painting lessons on thin underpaintings in oil and how to wipe out color and create texture, how to mix greens, how to think “shape” versus leaf or flower, how to add details that add dimension, and more.

Learn more about How to Paint Flowers in Oil now.


Preview Underpainting Techniques for Successful Pastels here now to learn how to mix your watercolor for granulating vs. smooth effects, how to paint wet-into-wet, and how to paint with expression.

Learn more about Underpainting Techniques for Successful Pastels here now.
Preview Pastel Techniques for Plein Air Painting here now to create a monochromatic underpainting using simple shapes to establish a strong composition. Build color lightly for clean color. Pay attention to pastel strokes to alter the mood and direct the viewer’s eye. Add details to bring in reflections and shadows.

Learn more about Pastel Techniques for Plein Air Painting here now.

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