Capture the Seasons in Oils with Tim Deibler

DeiblerSeasons3Paint the Seasons in Oils
Follow along as Tim Deibler creates a series of evocative landscape paintings to capture the majesty of each of the four seasons. In this video workshop, Capture the Seasons in Oils, a cool winter scene of Colorado mountains starts with a warm underpainting while a sparkling river scene that begins as a red underpainting ends up as a wealth of greens in the final layer. A monochromatic underpainting establishes the basic bones of a Grand Canyon scene in a hot summer afternoon, while brilliant autumn foliage begins as a humble series of transparent yellow washes. Along the way, Tim’s helpful tips about color mixing and oil painting techniques will give you all the tools you need to create stunning landscapes of your own, regardless of the season.

DeiblerSeasons1Preview Capture the Seasons in Oils now to see why we at ArtistsNetwork.TV love this video. In this segment, you’ll pick up some of the great art lessons and painting techniques that make this video a must-see for anyone wanting to paint landscapes, no matter what the season. See Tim paint the Grand Canyon filled with light and shadow, along with tips for mixing your paints to create vibrant, warm colors. You’ll learn how to give the rocks form in the background, without drawing too much attention to them, as well as how to create depth through the variance of colors. You’ll want to go outside, regardless of the temperatures, to find your own favorite landscapes to feature in your oil paintings.

Stream Capture the Seasons in Oils with Tim Deibler today, or download it, along with other valuable oil painting resources, from North Light Shop.

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