Steven J. Levin: Dramatic Light and Shadow

Steven J. Levin has won numerous awards and prizes in nationwide competitions, including those of the American Society of Portrait Painters, the Allied Artists of America, the Portrait Institute and the Oil Painters of America. “I believe one of my strong points is that my spotting of values is good,” he explains. “That’s an influence from my Boston School training—an emphasis on the beautiful placement of lights and darks over the canvas.” The artist produces work for a one-man show each year; John Pence Gallery hosts his next show this November and December. Last November Levin completed a large (54×46) painting for the upcoming traveling show and book conceived by film director George Lucas and based on his Star Wars movies. Living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Levin is represented by the John Pence Gallery of San Francisco and Tree’s Place in Orleans, Massachusetts. Learn more on his website:

To read more about Levin, see the June 2010 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. Here is some art that didn’t appear in the issue.

4th St. Billiards (oil, 31×40)

Bottles (oil, 18×24)

Nude (oil, 14×14)

Two Bartenders (oil, 32×42)

Ink (oil, 15×13)

The Metro North (oil, 24×26)

The Rembrandt Room (oil, 20×25)


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