Southern Europe Pastel Landscape Painting | Patrick Cullen

British pastelist Patrick Cullen relies on shape, pattern and color as the constants in his nomadic career.

After winning the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition just five years out of art school, Cullen received both the incentive—and the funds—to travel. His month-long stint in Italy was the beginning of his move to specialize in the landscapes of southern Europe—Tuscany, in particular, but also the Andalucia region of Spain and the south of France.

Learn how Cullen gets and stays organized for a life of constant travel—and see more of his breathtaking European landscapes—in the October issue of Pastel Journal, available here.

Autumn Tree, Tuscany (pastel, 15x7) by Patrick Cullen

Autumn Tree, Tuscany (pastel, 15×7) by Patrick Cullen


Break in the Clouds, Tuscany (23x31) by Patrick Cullen

Break in the Clouds, Tuscany (23×31) by Patrick Cullen

Mustard Field, Spring (pastel, 11.5x15) by Patrick Cullen

Mustard Field, Spring (pastel, 11.5×15) by Patrick Cullen
















































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