Excite With White | A Gallery of Pastel Paintings

Whether the subject at hand is a snowy woodland or a bowl of eggs, painting white offers artists an unexpected opportunity for color excitement. White may not be considered a color in scientific terms, but—for the painter—capturing white has everything to do with color. The following gallery of pastel paintings by artists Linda Gross Brown, Lisa Stauffer and Sally Strand showcase the range of subjects and ways to “excite with white.” Read more about their interpretive choices for painting white—“the sum of all colors”—in the February 2014 issue of Pastel Journal.

Bedside A.M. (pastel) by Sally Strand

Bedside A.M. (pastel) by Sally Strand

Awake by Sally Strand

Awake (pastel) by Sally Strand


Birch Quartet (pastel) by Lisa Stauffer


Morning Has Broken (pastel) by Lisa Stauffer


Delivering the Mail (pastel) by Linda Gross Brown


Footsteps No. 5 (pastel) by Linda Gross Brown





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