Fearless Color | A Gallery of Pastels

Color can be a highly effective tool for conveying feeling and mood. 
Although many factors—hue, value, temperature and chroma—may go into our choices, much of a painter’s decision comes down to personal taste. Particularly so for those artists who favor an expressive visual language. In the December 2011 issue of The Pastel Journal, five artists share 
the thrill and theory behind their approaches. In this gallery, we share more of the work of these color connoisseurs: Susan Ogilvie, Mary Pichette, Sam Liberman, Tatijana Jacenkiw and Jenny Halstead. In their work, they may elect to heighten, subdue, alter or invent a color to forward their artistic vision. Although such color manipulations may appear arbitrary, behind their choices are knowledge of the behavior of color and an understanding of the complexity that guides their choices—consciously or otherwise.

Shadow Abstract No. 1 (pastel) by Mary Pichette

Shadow Abstract No. 1 (pastel) by Mary Pichette

Red Sky (pastel) by Mary Pichette

Red Sky (pastel) by Mary Pichette


July's Harvest (pastel) by Tatijana Jacenkiw


Beauty Behind Bars (pastel) by Tatijana Jacenkiw


Singin' My Song (pastel) by Sam Liberman

double you

Double You (pastel) by Sam Liberman

beehives pastel by jenny halstead

Beehives (pastel) by Jenny Halstead

the gardener

The Gardener (pastel) by Jenny Halstead

spring chickens by Suan Ogilvie

Spring Chickens (pastel) by Susan Ogilvie

Autumn Evening by Susan Ogilvie

Autumn Evening (pastel) by Susan Ogilvie




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