Good Eats | Food Paintings in Pastel

A trio of pears. A collection of gourds. A bowl of apples. As a still life subject, painting food—particularly colorful fruit and vegetables—is a timeless choice. Lisa Ober, Ria Hills and Karen Howard are three pastel artists who bring a contemporary attitude to their paintings of food. While their subjects may certainly include classics—cherries, lemons, tangerines—they’ve also widened their exploration of the genre, extending their search for subject from the produce department to the candy aisle, bakery case and beyond.

In the February 2013 issue of Pastel Journal, the three pastelists offer their insights for food paintings with bright, colorful, even mouth-watering results. And here are a few examples to whet your appetite!

cupcakes-and-jelly-beans by Karen Howard

Cupcakes and Jelly Beans (pastel, 10.5×23) by Karen Howard

orange-spiral_6x10 by ria hills

Orange Spiral (pastel, 6×10) by Ria Hills



Red, Orange and Yellow Peppers (pastel, 13×18) by Karen Howard

The Colors of Summer (pastel, 23x17) by Lisa Ober

The Colors of Summer (pastel, 23×17) by Lisa Ober

Overflow (pastel, 7x8) by Ria Hills

Overflow (pastel, 7×8) by Ria Hills


Pink Cupcake (pastel, 6x6) by Ria Hills

Pink Cupcake (pastel, 6×6) by Ria Hills


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