A Passion for Color | The Pastels of Robin Hazard-Bishop

“Robin Hazard Bishop is one of those artists whose joy in painting is visibly evident in her work,” writes artist and writer Carole Katchen. “She doesn’t paint to please other people. She doesn’t paint to win awards or even to make a living. She simply paints out of a passion for art and color.”

To find inspiration, Hazard-Bishop merely needs to look outside her window where an abundant garden offers all the color and shape and interest she needs. “The idea is to organize the large and small shapes that she sees and push colors to their most vibrant. The immediate impact is one of intense, pulsing color and jubilation,” writes Katchen.

To read more about the Hot Springs, Ark., artist and her pastel work, check out Katchen’s article, “Crank Up the Color” in the August issue of Pastel Journal.


Let It Rain (pastel) by Robin Hazard-Bishop


Fishin’ Man (pastel) by Robin Hazard-Bishop



Shady Lake Bailey (pastel) by Robin Hazard-Bishop



Swirly Mornin’ Fog (pastel) by Robin Hazard-Bishop


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