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For any artist obsessed with the dramatic displays of light, the sunrise and sunset are enticing subjects, but translating this eye candy onto canvas or paper can be tricky. In this issue, three landscape painters share their insights and secrets for capturing dramatic effects of light in pastel. Their enthusiasm and advice may rekindle your interest if you’ve given up on the subject, or—if you’re a professed sunrise/sunset aficionado—it may inspire some new ways of working.

Pastel Journal June 2012 issue | pastel art magazine

On the cover: Mendocino, CA, No. 1 (pastel; detail and mirrored, 14x10) by Albert Handell

We take the conversation a step further in the magazine with our must-read step-by-step demo for painting light and shadow; share a master pastel artist’s tips for taking a painterly approach to rendering buildings in a landscape; and take you inside a once-forgotten treasure trove of jewel-toned impressionist landscapes.

This is one art magazine that’s sure to inspire your boldest painting aspirations for the season. Click here to preview the June Pastel Journal or to order your copy.





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