Painting an Artistic Legacy | Jean Terry

Pastelist Jean Terry grew up on her family’s farm in the Schoharie Valley area of rural New York. In addition to modeling a strong work ethic, her father also did an admirable job of leaving behind an artistic legacy: thousands of photographs he took of the Terry family and their farm. As an adult, Terry found that she, too, wanted to create an artistic legacy for her family and painted “Upstate New York Farmstead,” a series featuring more than 20 paintings depicting her family’s rural farm life in the 1950s and 1960s.

Several of the paintings can be seen in the gallery below. To see a few more paintings in this series—and to get a more in-depth view on Terry’s legacy project—see the April 2014 issue of Pastel Journal, available at and on newsstands March 11.

Adoration, Fascination, Anticipation (pastel, 16x20) by Jean Terry

Adoration, Fascination, Anticipation (pastel, 16×20) by Jean Terry


First Harvest (pastel, 20x31) by Jean Terry

First Harvest (pastel, 20×31) by Jean Terry


















Slow n' Steady (pastel, 18x24) by Jean Terry

Slow n’ Steady (pastel, 18×24) by Jean Terry










The Farmer and the Earth (pastel, 18x24) by Jean Terry

The Farmer and the Earth (pastel, 18×24) by Jean Terry










Top These (pastel, 20x16) by Jean Terry

Top These (pastel, 20×16) by Jean Terry








































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