Pastel Gallery | John Philbin Dolan Portraits

John Philbin Dolan discovered his passion for painting practically by accident. But once he did, he was determined to give it his all. “From the moment I found out I had this gift, I wanted to become more proficient at it,” he says. “But the more I learned and painted, the more I realized how little I knew. That’s the curse—or the blessing—of being a painter: I will never be good enough, but I will keep painting so I can become the best painter I can be.”

Enjoy this gallery of his emotive pastel portraits, and learn more about them in the June 2015 issue of Pastel Journal, available at and on newsstands May 12.

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Bo (pastel) by John Philbin Dolan | portrait

Bo (pastel, 17×14) by John Philbin Dolan


Heidi Study (pastel, 12x9) by John Philbin Dolan | portrait

Heidi Study (pastel, 12×9) by John Philbin Dolan


John (pastel) by John Philbin Dolan | portrait

John (pastel, 20×17) by John Philbin Dolan


Nature Call (pastel, 12x9) by John Philbin Dolan | portrait

Nature Call (pastel, 12×9) by John Philbin Dolan


Silvia (pastel) by John Philbin Dolan | portrait

Silvia (pastel, 10×8) by John Philbin Dolan






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