Gallery | John Pierce Barnes’s Impressionistic Paintings

Recently, John Pierce Barnes’s vibrant impressionistic paintings—among them 24 small pastels—were uncovered, revealing a window into the intriguing story of the artist as a young man and the often overlooked shift from Impressionism to Modernism that took place in early 20th-century American art.

Read more about John Pierce Barnes and his landscape paintings in the June 2012 issue of Pastel Journal, and enjoy a web-exclusive gallery of his work below.


No. 02 | pastel

No. 02 (pastel) by John Pierce Barnes


No. 12 | pastel

No. 12 (pastel) by John Pierce Barnes


No. 15 | pastel

No. 15 (pastel) by John Pierce Barnes


No. 21 | pastel

No. 21 (pastel) by John Pierce Barnes


No. 24 | pastel

No. 24 (pastel) by John Pierce Barnes


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