Juror Spotlight | 15th Annual Pastel 100 Competition

The Pastel 100 Competition, now in its 15th year, can draw several thousand entries. In a field that includes hundreds upon hundreds of worthy and wonderful pastels, it’s always interesting to learn what it is that a juror sees in a particular piece that marks it as special. The jurors of this year’s 15th Annual Pastel 100 Competition—Deborah Bays (Still Life and Floral), Jeannette Hayes (Abstract and Non-Objective), Clark Mitchell (Landscape and Interior), Steve Morvell (Animal and Wildlife) and Sally Strand (Portrait and Figure)—all went through similar turns of joy and struggle to select this year’s prizewinning pastels. Take a look at the top winners of the competition in our celebratory slideshow here.

Although it made their jobs ore difficult, the jurors were pleased with the overall level of quality in this year’s entries. You can find out what they had to say about the journey to their final selections in the April 2014 issue of Pastel Journal, where you will also find full-color reproductions of all 100 prizewinning pastels!

We are also pleased to share here pastel paintings by our five esteemed jurors. Enjoy!


Jughandle (pastel) by Clark Mtichell


Spring Green (pastel) by Jeannette Hayes

Laundry Day (pastel) by Deborah Bays

Laundry Day (pastel) by Deborah Bays

The Letter (pastel) by Sally Strand

The Letter (pastel) by Sally Strand

In a Perfect Light (pastel) by Steve Morvell

In a Perfect Light (pastel) by Steve Morvell











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