Reimagined Landscapes | A Gallery of Pastels by Kathleen Galligan

Over the past five years or so, Maine artist Kathleen Galligan has seen a change in her painting approach. The landscapes she once painted as depictions of a specific time and place are now done solely from memory and imagination. The artist no longer paints from reference photos, finding it more interesting to create her own descriptions of value, texture and color relationships.

Galligan’s latest paintings share an elevated perspective, as if looking down on the landscape. It’s a view that heightens the sense of mystery and wonder, and the majesty she seeks to convey. “I like to imagine alternate realities—the beauty of our planet in its primordial state, without human intervention,” she says. “Waterways find their way through distant spaces. Details are all contrived and not photographic in any way.”

Check out the December 2014 issue of Pastel Journal to read the rest of Enid Wood’s article, “An Elevated View” about Galligan and to see a step-by-step demonstration of the artist’s interpretive painting process.

Autumn Migration II (pastel) by Kathleen Galligan

Autumn Migration II (pastel) by Kathleen Galligan


Explorations (pastel) by Kathleen Galligan


Journey Through Space (pastel) by Kathleen Galligan







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