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Scottish artist Lara Scouller finds her greatest inspiration for her animal paintings not in the wild, or even at the zoo, but among the taxidermy collections in European museums.

“What happened was that I won a three-month residency in Florence, at the end of my final year of college,” Scouller explains. “One day I walked into La Specola, a natural history museum absolutely brimming from floor to ceiling with stuffed specimens. My reaction was one of complete amazement. From then on, I went to the museum almost every day. The atmosphere was a bit eerie yet charming, and I really enjoyed working there. Once back in Britain, I had a solo exhibition and sold some of the paintings, and that encouraged me to continue.”

Learn more about Scouller, and see more of her pastel menagerie, in the February 2015 issue of Pastel Journal, available at or on newsstands January 6.

Cassowary (pastel, 29x21 1/2) by Lara Scouller

Cassowary (pastel, 29×21 1/2) by Lara Scouller

Red Ibis (pastel, 21x19) by Lara Scouller

Red Ibis (pastel, 21×19) by Lara Scouller

Grevy's Zebra (pastel, 21 1/2x29) by Lara Scouller

Grevy’s Zebra (pastel, 21 1/2×29) by Lara Scouller





















































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