Living Jewels | Lionel Asselineau’s Pastel Birds

Lionel Asselineau’s pastels of living jewels capture the velvety softness of a feather, the down on a seed pod, the spirited cheekiness of a sparrow. The former jeweler takes as much care in painting these scenes as he once used when setting a solitaire. “Just as in the creation of a piece of jewelry, I try to bring to each of my paintings the greatest accuracy, the greatest meticulousness,” the French artist says.

His uncanny virtuosity, borne of intimate knowledge and close observation, brings us back to nature, inviting us to treasure small, rich moments and to pause awhile in our headlong course.

See more of Asselineau’s winged inspiration in the June 2016 issue of Pastel Journal, available in print or as a download, and on newsstands May 10.

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pastel-bird-Symphonie du Marais II (pastel) by Lionel Asselineau |

Symphonie du Marais II (pastel) by Lionel Asselineau

l'Automne au Jardin II (pastel) by Lionel Asselineau |

l’Automne au Jardin II (pastel) by Lionel Asselineau

pastel-bird-Féerie Hivernale (pastel) by Lionel Asselineau |

Féerie Hivernale (pastel) by Lionel Asselineau




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