Experiment with Underpaintings | Nancy Nowak Pastel Landscapes

If you’ve been painting for awhile but are still working to discover your own personal style and figuring out how to make your work original, you’ll appreciate Nancy Nowak’s list of 12 strategies for “Finding Your Voice” in the February 2015 issue of Pastel Journal.

One of the best ways, for example, to find your style is to explore new materials and techniques to discover what excites you and advances your painting process. Nowak enjoys working on a 
variety of surfaces and experimenting with different media for underpaintings as seen in the examples below of initial under paintings and corresponding final paintings.

For more strategies and tips, see the complete article in the February issue on sale now on newsstands and at NorthLightShop.com.


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An underpainting for Forestview Creek.


Forestview Creek (pastel) by Nancy Nowak


An underpainting for Blue Shed


Blue Shed (pastel, 16×20) by Nancy Nowak


An underpainting for Winter’s Glow

Winter's Glow (pastel, 12x16) by Nancy Nowak

Winter’s Glow (pastel, 12×16) by Nancy Nowak





































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