Patricia Cain Gallery | Cultural Landscape and Construction Art

The Art of Construction | Cultural Landscape


Patricia Cain’s series of complex architectural pastels track the emergence of a new fixture in the cultural landscape. Read more about Cain’s construction art in the October 2012 issue of Pastel Journal.


After finishing her doctorate at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland, Patricia Cain was looking for a fresh creative outlet. Her ambitions led her to the doorstep of the Glasgow City Council, requesting permission to become the artist-in-residence of an exciting new development: the construction of The Riverside Museum, a unique, Zaha Hadid-designed building in the Glasgow Harbour regeneration district (pictured below).

The Riverside Museum in Glasglow | Art of Construction

The Riverside Museum in Glasglow


“I’m not quite sure what they thought of that, but they put me in touch with the  contractors, who were extremely facilitating, giving me ample access to the site,” she says. Soon, she was visiting the construction zone—sketching, taking reference photos and absorbing the scene using all of her senses, which she would use to create her cultural landscape pastel paintings.


"Riverside Triptych II" by Patricia Cain | Construction Art

“Riverside Triptych II” (pastel) by Patricia Cain



"Riverside Scaffolding I" by Patricia Cain | Cultural Landscapes

“Riverside Scaffolding I” (pastel) by Patricia Cain


"Riverside Scaffolding III" by Patricia Cain | Construction Art

“Riverside Scaffolding III” (pastel) by Patricia Cain


"Riverside Scaffolding V" by Patricia Cain | Construction Art

“Riverside Scaffolding V” (pastel) by Patricia Cain


"Riverside Framework" by Patricia Cain | Cultural Landscapes

“Riverside Framework” (pastel) by Patricia Cain


Read along in the October 2012 issue of Pastel Journal for more about Patricia Cain’s paintings.


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