15th Annual Pastel 100 Silver Award Winner | Peter Seltzer

Viewer interpretation is key to the pastels of artist Peter Seltzer“I often like to employ a certain amount of ambiguity,” says the winner of the Pastel Journal Silver Award in the 15th Annual Pastel 100. “This allows viewers to enter a piece on their own terms and find their own narrative. Although my paintings have a specific intention behind them, I don’t feel compelled to have viewers necessarily divine my particular meaning or purpose for doing the painting. I just enjoy the fact that they feel strongly enough about it to take the time to find their own way in.”

View a gallery of Seltzer’s work below; his prizewinning painting, and the thoughts and techniques behind the work, can be seen in the April 2014 issue of Pastel Journal, available at http://bit.ly/PAS0414 and on newsstands March 11.
The Pink Lady Levitates (pastel, 20x20) by Peter Seltzer

The Pink Lady Levitates (pastel, 20×20) by Peter Seltzer


Clearing the Mind (pastel, 24x30) by Peter Seltzer

Clearing the Mind (pastel, 24×30) by Peter Seltzer


Threads 4 (pastel, 24 1/8x24 1/8) by Peter Seltzer

Threads 4 (pastel, 24 1/8×24 1/8) by Peter Seltzer
















































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