Pastel 100 Winners List

Congratulations to the artists whose work was selected among the top Pastel 100 works in the 13th annual competition! This year’s winners were selected from nearly 3,000 entries by a team of outstanding jurors and the Pastel Journal editorial staff. The April 2012 issue looks incredible, thanks to these exceptional artists.

Pastel Journal, April 2012 | your ultimate creative resourceWe’re already looking forward to the 14th annual competition!

Abel Marquez
Andrew McDermott
Anne Van Blarcom-Kurowski
Arlene Richman
Barbara J. Mason
Barbara Noonan
Barbara S. Groff
Bill Baker
Bob Russin
Brian ONeill
Brian Sauerland
Carl Desrosiers
Catherine Lidden
Cheri Dunnigan
Chris Johnson
Christine Ivers
Christine Swann
Christine Troyer
Cindy House
Danielle Richard
Daria Tallman
Darleen Urbanek
David Melchior
David Vincenzi
David Wells
David Will
Deborah Crossman
Deborah Quinn-Munson
Denise LaRue Mahlke
Dennis Rhoades
Don Rantz
Don Williams
Ed Chesnovitch
Eileen Casey
Eileen Healy
Elizabeth Breed
Elizabeth Ganji
Enid Wood
Ina Prosser
Jacqueline Meyerson
Jane McGraw-Teubner
Janice D. Burton
Jennifer L. Hoffman
Jessica Fine
Joanne Burney
John Philbin Dolan
John Ribble
John Roush
Jude Tolar
Karen Ferrick
Karen Israel
Kathryn Fehlig
Kathryn Hall
Kelly Milukas
Kristy Asaro
Lawrence C. Barone
Lea Colie Wight
Lee A. Kimball
Lee McVey
Lisa Mitchell
Liz Jones
Lyn Diefenbach
Margi Lucena
Mary Aslin
Mimi Jungbluth
Mira M. White
Ned Mueller
Nicora Gangi
Patricia Catherine Kling
Patti Arbino
Paul Miners
Rachel Estrada
Rita Kirkman
Robert K. Semans
Sandra Burshell
Sandy Byers
Sarah Blumenschein
Scott Hale
Sharon Bamber
Shelley Aquino Brandon
Shelly Eager
Sonja A. Kever
Stan Sperlak
Sue Gombus
Tatijana Jacenkiw
Ted Smuskiewicz
Teresa DeSeve
Terri Ford
Theresa Emmett Allison
Tom Christopher
Tony Allain
William A. Schneider
Willo Balfrey

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