2010 Pastel Journal Article Index


Artists Featured

Abramson, Gertrude.  Pastel 100/First Place, Still Life & Floral.  April.
Adam, Eleanor.  Pastel 100/Portrait & Figure.  April.
Allicotti, Sharon. Strange Beauty.  Aug.
Baggetta, Marla.  Pastel 100/Fifth Place, Landscape & Interior.  April.
Baker, Bill.  Pastel 100/Portrait & Figure.  April.
Bamber, Sharon.  Pastel 100/Animal & Wildlife.  April.
Barone, Lawrence C.  Pastel 100/Landscape & Interior.  April.
Bates, Phil.  Water Works.  Aug.
Beckett, Dave.  Water Works.  Aug.
Bernabe, Glenn.  Pastel 100/Portrait & Figure.  April.
Birdsall, Stephanie. A Tale of Two Studios. Dec.
Blackwell, Gary.  Pastel 100/Animal & Wildlife.  April.
Blumenschein, Sarah.  Pastel 100/The Pastel Journal Grand Prize.  April.
Bozeman, Nancy A.  Pastel 100/Animal & Wildlife.  April.
Brown, Jerry.  Pastel 100/Second Place, Landscape & Interior.  April.
Brown, Linda Gross.  Pastel 100/Landscape & Interior.  April.
Burshell, Sandra.  The Romantic Space.  June.
Byers, Sandy.  Pastel 100/Animal & Wildlife.  April.
Carvin, Claude.  Water Works.  Aug.
Clark, Helen.  Pastel 100/Landscape & Interior.  April.
Cobble, Brian.  Pastel 100/Landscape & Interior.  April.
Davis, Anthony.  Water Works.  Aug.
Dawson, Doug.  3D Vision: A Demo.  June.
Desrosiers, Carl.  Pastel 100/Landscape & Interior.  April.
Donahue, Terry.  Pastel 100/Fourth Place, Animal & Wildlife.  April.
Dresch, Elsie.  Pastel 100/Abstract & Non-Objective.  April.
Eagle, Ellen.  Portraits from the Heart.  Oct.
Emerson, Dawn.  Pastel 100/The Art Spirit Foundation/Dianne B. Bernhard Silver
Medal Award for Excellence.  Pastel 100/Landscape & Interior.  April.
Evans, Sheila M.  Pastel 100/Still Life & Floral.  April.
Feuer, Kari.  Pastel 100/Abstract & Non-Objective.  April.
Ford, Terri.  Pastel 100/Landscape & Interior.  April.
Franklin, Bob.  Pastel 100/Still Life & Floral.  April
Freeman, Brian.  Pastel 100/Fourth Place, Portrait & Figure.  Pastel 100/Fourth Place, 
Still Life & Floral.  April.
Friedman, Jon. Master of Illusion. Dec.
Ganji, Elizabeth.  Pastel 100/Animal & Wildlife.  April.
Gardner, Jennifer.  Pastel 100/The Art Spirit Foundation/Dianne B. Bernhard Gold
Medal Award for Excellence.  April.
Goodman, Sheila.  Still Water.  June.
Goodsell, Sam.  Portraits from the Heart.  Oct.
Greig, Julie.  Pastel 100/First Place, Animal & Wildlife.  April.
Groff, Barbara S.  Pastel 100/Still Life & Floral.  April.
Gunter, Jim.  Pastel 100/Still Life & Floral.  April.
Hall, Kathryn.  Pastel 100/Fifth Place, Portrait & Figure.  April.
Handell, Albert.  Falling Waters: A Demo.  Aug.
Hassard, Ray.  Power of the People.  Oct.
Haywood-Sullivan, Liz.  Winter Fields: A Demo.  Feb.
Hemingway, Andrew.  Treasured Possessions.  June.
Hetterich, Jack.  Pastel 100/Animal & Wildlife.  April.
Holmes, Marcia.  Pastel 100/Animal & Wildlife.  April.
Hoshino, Akiko.  Pastel 100/The Ruth Richeson/Unison Pastels Award.  April.
Hosner, William.  A Celebration of Snow.  Feb. 
House, Cindy.  Pastel 100/First Place, Landscape & Interior.  April.
Howard, Karen.  Pastel 100/Still Life & Floral.  April. 
Hylton, Marion.  The Persistence of Nature.  Aug.
Ivers, Christine.  Pastel 100/Landscape & Interior.  April.
Jain, Vinita.  Pastel 100/Third Place, Abstract & Non-Objective.  April.
James, Bill.  Pastel 100/Landscape & Interior.  April.
Johnson, Becky.  Pastel 100/Second Place, Animal & Wildlife.  April.
Jones, Kathleen.  Pastel 100/Landscape & Interior.  April.
King, Judith Berk.  Pastel 100/First Place, Abstract & Non-Objective.  April.
Kirkman, Rita.  Pastel 100/Portrait & Figure.  April.
Kleczynski, Helen.  Pastel 100/Portrait & Figure.  April.
Kuhn, Leslie Kay.  Pastel 100/Fifth Place, Abstract & Non-Objective.  April.
Lampinen, Susan.  Pastel 100/Third Place, Animal & Wildlife.  April.
Leemon, Jeanne Crain.  Pastel 100/Still Life & Floral.  April.
Lidden, Catherine.  Pastel 100/Animal & Wildlife.  April.
Lindamood, Patsy.  Pastel 100/Animal & Wildlife.  April.
Linn, Dennis.  Pastel 100/Animal & Wildlife.  April.
Liverant, Gigi Horr.  Pastel 100/Abstract & Non-Objective.  April.
Loughridge, Sally. Get Art Smart. Dec.
Lucena, Margi.  Pastel 100/Landscape & Interior.  April.  Seasonal Sensation.  Oct.
Lundgren, Richard.  A Celebration of Snow.  Feb. 
MacKechnie, Joe.  Pastel 100/Animal & Wildlife.  April.
Mancuso, Joe.  A Celebration of Snow.  Feb. 
Margolese-Malin, Rebecca.  Pastel 100/Still Life & Floral.  April
Marx, Pat Ross.  Pastel 100/Second Place, Abstract & Non-Objective. April. 
Martin, Dale.  Pastel 100/Animal & Wildlife.  April.
Maxion, Glen.  Pastel 100/Third Place, Portrait & Figure.  April.
McGee, September.  Pastel 100/Portrait & Figure.  April.
McGinley, Sydney.  Portraits from the Heart.  Oct.
McGrory, Anne.  Pastel 100/Third Place, Still Life & Floral.  April.
Messman, Jerry.  Pastel 100/Landscape & Interior.  April.
Mirrington, Ralph (Alex).  Pastel 100/Still Life & Floral.  April.   
Mitchell, Lisa. A Tale of Two Studios. Dec.
Mitchell, Maceo.  Strength in Numbers.  Feb.  Pastel 100/Still Life & Floral.  April. 
Molina, Maria P.  Pastel 100/Portrait & Figure.  April.
Monafo, Janet.  A Complex Choreography.  June.
Mozley, Janet.  Pastel 100/Animal & Wildlife.  April.
Neideffer, Becky.  Pastel 100/Still Life & Floral.  April.
Newman, Kathleen.  Water Works.  Aug.
Newton, Barbara Benedetti.  Infinite Possibilities.  Oct.
O’Hagan, Desmond. Letting Loose: A Demo. Dec.
Ordman, Aline E.  Pastel 100/First Place, Portrait & Figure.  Pastel 100/Third Place,
Landscape & Interior.  April.
Pai, Gregory.  Pastel 100/Fourth Place, Landscape & Interior.  April.
Patinelli, Louise.  Pastel 100/Abstract & Non-Objective.  April.
Phadke, Sangita.  Pastel 100/Still Life & Floral.  April. 
Picard, Alain.  Portraits from the Heart.  Oct.
Pichette, Mary.  Pastel 100/Abstract & Non-Objective.  April.
Ponting, Dianna.  Pastel 100/Still Life & Floral.  April.
Potter, Laurie.  Pastel 100/Abstract & Non-Objective.  April.
Raeburn, Carrie.  Pastel 100/Abstract & Non-Objective.  April.
Rantz, Don.  Pastel 100/The Pastel Journal Best Of Show.  April.
Reilly, Tim.  Pastel 100/Still Life & Floral.  April.
Ribble, John.  Pastel 100/Landscape & Interior.  April.
Robinson, Mario.  Setting the Tone: A Demo.  Oct.
Roush, John.  A Celebration of Snow.  Feb. 
Rubin, Edward L.  Pastel 100/Portrait & Figure.  April.
Sanford, Diana.  Pastel 100/Fourth Place, Abstract & Non-Objective.  April.
Schneider, William A.  Pastel 100/Second Place, Portrait & Figure.  April.
Schoenherr, Shelley Gorny.  Pastel 100/Abstract & Non-Objective.  April.
Schuerr, Aaron.  Extreme Plein Air.  Feb.
Seltzer, Peter.  Pastel 100/Fifth Place, Still Life & Floral.  April.
Semans, Robert K.  Pastel 100/Fifth Place, Animal & Wildlife.  April.
Smith, Colette Odya.  A Celebration of Snow.  Feb. 
Starostka, Ardith.  Pastel 100/Portrait & Figure.  April.
Steckel, Kathy.  Pastel 100/Second Place, Still Life & Floral.  April.
Stephenson, Norma. A Wilderness of Hills. Dec.
Stewart, Debora L.  Pastel 100/Abstract & Non-Objective.  April.
Sweeny, Linda.  Pastel 100/Abstract & Non-Objective.  April.
Szabo, Vianna.  Pastel 100/Portrait & Figure.  April.
Texier, Claude.  Cast a Wide Net.  Feb.
Tirrell, Kari.  Pastel 100/Animal & Wildlife.  April.
Walker, Patricia.  Pastel 100/Abstract & Non-Objective.  April.
Wallace, Roscoe E.  Pastel 100/Abstract & Non-Objective.  April.
Wasson, Carol Strock.  Pastel 100/Landscape & Interior.  April.
White, Ruth C.  Pastel 100/Still Life & Floral.  April.
Wingard, Troy. Artist Autonomous. Dec.
Wu, Jian.  Pastel 100/Portrait & Figure.  April.

(Pastel 100 issue)

Dalton, Jean.  Pastel 100/Abstract & Non-Objective.  April.
Gienger-Stanfield, Ilene.  Pastel 100/Portrait & Figure.  April.
MacDonald, Nancy.  Pastel 100/Animal & Wildlife.  April.
Monsma, Ron.  Pastel 100/Still Life & Floral.  April.
Murray, Paul.  Pastel 100/Landscape & Interior.  April.

Feature Articles

Floral/Still Life
Cast a Wide Net.  (Claude Texier)  S.A. Strickley.  Feb.
Strength in Numbers.  (Maceo Mitchell)  Robert K. Carsten.  Feb.
Treasured Possessions.  (Andrew Hemingway)  Ken Gofton.  June.
A Complex Choreography.  (Janet Monafo)  Meredith E. Lewis.  June.

3D Vision: A Demo.  Doug Dawson.  June. 
Artist Autonomous. (Troy Wingard) Jessica Canterbury. Dec.
A Celebration of Snow.  (Joe Mancuso, John Roush, Colette Odya Smith, Richard
Lundgren, William Hosner)  Anne Hevener.  Feb.
Extreme Plein Air.  (Aaron Schuerr)   Anne Hevener.  Feb.
Falling Waters: A Demo.  Albert Handell.  Aug.
Infinite Possibilities.  (Barbara Benedetti Newton)  Deborah Secor.  Oct. 
Letting Loose: A Demo. Desmond O’Hagan. Dec.
Master of Illusion. (Jon Friedman) Meredith Lewis. Dec.
The Persistence of Nature.  (Marion Hylton)  Deborah Secor.  Aug.
The Romantic Space.   (Sandra Burshell)  Bill Creevy.  June. 
Seasonal Sensation.  (Margi Lucena)  Christine Proskow.  Oct.
Still Water.  (Sheila Goodman)  Ken Gofton.  June.     
Strange Beauty.  (Sharon Allicotti)  Meredith E. Lewis.  Aug.
Urban Tableau.  (Jaye Schlesinger)  S.A. Strickley.  Aug.
Water Works.  (Phil Bates, Anthony Davis, Kathleen Newman, Dave Beckett, Claude
Carvin)  Anne Hevener.  Aug.
A Wilderness of Hills. (Norma Stephenson) K. Gofton. Dec.
Winter Fields: A Demo.  Liz Haywood-Sullivan.  Feb.

A Complex Choreography.  (Janet Monafo)  Meredith E. Lewis.  June.
Portraits from the Heart.  (Ellen Eagle, Sydney McGinley, Sam Goodsell, Alain
Picard) Anne Hevener.  Oct.
Power of the People.  (Ray Hassard)  Michael Chesley Johnson.  Oct. 
Setting the Tone: A Demo.  Mario Robinson.  Oct. 

Special Reports
A Tale of Two Studios. Deborah Secor. Dec.
The 11th Annual Pastel 100.  April.
How to Speak “Framer.”  Chris A. Paschke.  June. 
You Can Take It with You.  Maggie Price.  Aug. 


Art Matters
Feb.:  Prized Pastels. J. Canterbury.
April:  Online and Upward. J. Canterbury. 
June:  Artful Travels. J. Canterbury. 
Aug.:  Gotta-Have Gadgets. J. Canterbury. 
Oct.:  Falling for Art Books. J. Canterbury.
Dec.:  French Fête. J. Canterbury.

Artist’s Viewpoint
Feb.: Go Your Own Way. Margot Schulzke.
Aug.:  Lessons from Leonardo. Margot Schulzke. 
Dec.: Embracing Ambiguity. Margot Schulzke.

Master Class
April:  Rural Impressions.  (John Henry Twachtman) Tamera Lenz Muente.
Oct.: Married to Color.  (Odilon Redon) Tamera Lenz Muente. 

Pastel Pointers
Feb.: Seeing the Big Picture. Richard McKinley.
June: Fixatives—the Full Story. Richard McKinley.
Oct.: The Finish Line. Richard McKinley.
Dec.: Seeing Eye to Eye. Richard McKinley.

Professional Practices
June:  Pocket-Sized Promotion. Maggie Price
Oct.: Your Studio Viewfinder. Maggie Price

State of the Art
Feb.:  The Maine Event.  (Carolyn Caldwell)
April:  Painting in Paradise.  (Gregory Pai)
June: The Magic of Michigan.  (Sandra Davison)
Aug.:  Lone Star Scenery.  (D. LaRue Mahlke)
Oct.:  Painting in the Heartland.  (Mary Ann Davis)
Dec.: A Change of Scenery. (Stephen Woolery)

Studio Smarts
Aug.:  A Pastel Primer. Deborah Secor.
Dec.: Pastel Upgrades. Deborah Secor.


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