Albert Handell on DVD: A Review

In Albert Handell’s latest DVD, “Early Spring,” viewers are treated to a complete demonstration of the renowned artist’s technique for employing pastel over a watercolor underpainting. After sharing his reference photos of a pair of fir trees in late winter, his tools and setup, Handell begins with a quick sketch, followed by his application of a watercolor underpainting. And then, the real magic begins as he picks up the pastels and we see the beautiful trees come to life on the paper.

Handell is a master at color, and having the opportunity to watch him make color selections is a great revelation. He also has a magical way of handling edges, creating beautiful passages that are rich in texture yet marked by subtlely. There is inspiration here for any pastel painter, but particularly for those who seek to capture the beauty of trees.

The DVD, produced by Artist Productions, has a running time of 1 hour and 45 minutes, and sells for $69.95. See for more information.

To read an interview with Handell, check out The Pastel Journal’s  latest download, 8 Greats: The Pastel Journal’s10th Anniversary Artist Interview Series.


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Horace Champagne Paints Newfoundland
The December 2009 issue of The Pastel Journal features Horace Champagne’s studio interior paintings. On this DVD, however, you can watch the Canadian artist paint the spectacular scenery of Newfoundland in this 2-1/2 hour video with four plein air demonstrations in pastel. For ordering information, visit the artist’s website at

Painting Oil Portraits in Warm Light with Chris Saper
For portrait painters, there’s a new video with Chris Saper from that—although demonstrated in oils—has much to offer the pastel artist, too. Working from life in warm light, Saper demonstrates how to divide the canvas and place the face with measured intervals; how to work toward a likeness; and how to handle shadows and highlights. The 102-minute DVD is now selling for $23.99 at, where you’ll also find Saper’s hardcover book, Painting Beautiful Skin Tones with Color and Light, a book that features demonstrations in oils, watercolor and pastel.

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