Setting the Scene | Ray Hassard Pastel Gallery

Ray Hassard, featured in the October 2010 issue of The Pastel Journal, populates his scenes with figures, creating energetic, slice-of-life paintings. See a gallery of his additional works, below.

Ray Hassard, Bump! 5 (16x20)
Bump! 5 (16×20)

Ray Hassard, Bump! In the Night (12x9)
Bump! In the Night (12×9)

Ray Hassard, The Engineer (12x24)
The Engineer (12×24)

Ray Hassard, Findlay Market, Saturday Morning (14x18)
Findlay Market, Saturday Morning (14×18)

Ray Hassard, Formalwear, Wednesday Evening (11x14)
Formalwear, Wednesday Evening (11×14)

Ray Hassard, Modern in Milwaukee (20x16)
Modern in Milwaukee (20×16)

Ray Hassard, Movie Line (10x8)
Movie Line

Ray Hassard, The Painter (14x11)
The Painter (14×11)

Ray Hassard, Plein Air Trio (8x10)
Plein Air Trio (8×10)

/ray Hassard, The Weight of History (11x14)
The Weight of History (11×14)

Read the full feature on the artist in the October 2010 issue of The Pastel Journal, available now by clicking here.


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