Pastel Journal 2012 Annual CD | The Best of the Year’s Pastel Painting

Hot off the press: Now you can have all of your favorite Pastel Journal articles from 2012 in one user-friendly CD! The perfect companion to your print issues, this CD features a searchable index, which is reason enough to get your own copy. Can’t recall who won the Pastel Journal Grand Prize in the Pastel 100 competition? Pastel Journal 2012 annual CD | pastel paintingJust type in those keywords and you’ll soon view Terri Ford’s vibrant work, Country Calm, right on your desktop. What kind of cushion was mentioned in that column on transporting pastels? a quick search for “cushion” will reveal the bubble wrap and eggcrate insulation that framer Chris A. Paschke prefers.

With more than 400 pages of expert advice on pastel tips, tools and materials to composition and design—plus a wide range of styles, genres and pastel techniques—at your fingertips, you’ll be well equipped for holidays full of pastel painting.

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