Pastel Journal 2013 Annual CD | Pastel Techniques at Your Fingertips

T1637_PAS2013_300Q: Where can you find more than 400 pages of pastel tips, techniques and inspiration in one searchable, printable and portable location?

A: On the Pastel Journal 2013 Archive (available as a CD or as a download for your desktop)

Formatted for Mac and PC compatibility, both the CD and download contain all of the same great content available in all six 2013 issues of Pastel Journal. Not only will you have a year’s worth of inspiration located in one convenient location, but you’ll also have a CD/download search feature that makes it fast and easy to locate a particular article or featured artist. If only your pastel palette could be organized this easily! Click here to order your Pastel Journal 2013 Annual CD or download.





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