Pastel Pointers | A Thanksgiving Toast

A toast to pastel!

In the United States, it is once again that wonderful time of the year when we gather together those individuals dear to us for a day of gastronomic feasting, sporting events, and remembrances. As fond as I am of the pumpkin pie and ability to argue family lore, it is the round table sharing of what each of us has to be thankful for that is my favorite part of this occasion. Love, health, and economic well-being are the most commonly mentioned. These are justifiably paramount to most of us, but as pastel artists, it is important to also reflect on what else is on our list.

     Pastelists can be thankful for another year of The Pastel Journal magazine. Under the caring guidance of the editorial team at F+W Media, Anne Hevener, Sarah Strickley, Jessica Canterbury, and others make the magazine a premiere publication. They do a fabulous job and we receive the gifts of their efforts. We also owe thanks to the dedicated team at North Light Books and for continuing to produce stellar offerings of books and video for the pastel community. As digital connectivity has expanded, so too has F+W Media’s outreach through the online hub at They have provided the means for artists to stay connected, no matter where they reside, with Wet Canvas, and have graciously hosted this Pastel Pointers blog for over four years.
     Pastelists can also be thankful for all the wonderful manufacturers that continue to provide us with pastel products. It is hard to believe that we currently have such a smorgasbord of choices at our fingertips and it only continues to expand. Thanks also must be given to all the pastel societies and the dedicated volunteers who give their time and efforts in the promotion of our beloved medium. It is through their hard work that pastel has gained the artistic stature it so well deserves.
     While I thankfully reflect on the above mentioned, I personally want to raise a glass this Thanksgiving holiday to all those creative individuals who continue to share of themselves by placing pastel to surface. From the humblest beginners to the greatest masters, all of our lives are enriched by each other’s efforts. Let us continue to reach for new artistic heights, give thanks for the gifts we receive along the way, and never forget to enjoy the journey. Now, where is the pie?!

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3 thoughts on “Pastel Pointers | A Thanksgiving Toast

  1. paulharman

    Happy Thanksgiving to you also Richard. Thank you for sharing your technique and your wisdom to so many of us who love the pastel medium and want to better our paintings. You have provided a great opportunity for many of us to improve. – Paul